ELMUR.NET is a participatory video project which builds an intercultural dialogue in audiovisual format. Citizens inspire citizens sharing in pictures (creative videos) and through a website: ideas, moments, visions and perspectives which help us to imagine an intercultural and positive society. Best video proposals are displayed in public spaces and cultural events around the globe and also disseminated through social networks, creating a digital and analog inspirational network.

To cultivate our imagination, critical eye and creative approach (perspectives) towards daily reality by means of the use of contemporary visual arts are the main objectives of this project developed in cooperation with Fundació Ferreruela Sanfeliu in Lleida (ES).

Every evening, form sunset until midnight, ELMUR screenings in Lleida (at the Foundation’s façade) open a door towards the world of imagination…

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ELMUR.NET A Global Visual Dialogue

Events & cooperations with:

Espacio Enter, Crosstalk Video Art Festival, Athens Video Art Festival, Noorderzone Performing Arts Festival, Try Out Festival, Format GAVA, MitOst Festival, Instituto Cervantes, Galerie Wedding Berlin, Campus Party Europa, Campus Party España, Campus Party Milenio, Abteilung für Alles Andere, Institut für Alles Möglische, GlogauAIR, Rabiscuits Biennal of Experimental Art, Kulturni Centrum Rehlovice, Pantocrator Gallery-La Pan, Emergent International Photography Festival, International Art Expo, Universitat de Lleida, Weissenße Blumenfest Festival Berlin, BilderFlut – Kultur Lawine e.V, Plug European Electronic Music Conference, PPC Pop Uk Kino, etcetera.

Project description & presentation under the following link: http://www.slideshare.net/zzzmarie/elmurnet-a-global-visual-dialogue