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Minimanners is a practical experimental research on the audio and video fields to create meditative audiovisual experiences for the general public entertainment. Using the technology from our digital era and remixing it with analog feelings and techniques. Minimanners, zzzmarie, zzzmanel and zzzgemma present genetic synchronicity re-shaped into sound and images, creating alltogether an emocional experience.

SIGNALS > Live Preformance + CD/DVD Publication

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Deep frequencies and subtile rhythms conspire with realistic images to drive the spectator into a journey towards our deepest unconsciousness, a trip to our inner-selves, a conversation with our body and souls. A step beyond electronic music and visuals on stage, an audio-visual experience.

7SNGS.TOKYO > Limited edition CD+DVD

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7 Songs tokyo is a visual and electronic music mix tale about Tokyo and its inner synchronicity. Are you ready for boarding?


Minmanners  Signals: Vibrar

Minimanners Signals: Monde Interior

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