Om video capsules by TripleZeta - ZZZ

A series of 10 audio-visual pieces that have been specifically designed as visual exercises with the aim of awakening our consciousness. Independent but complementary short pieces which propose an awaken meditation.

Can images work as a mirror of reality? Could this reflection be used as a reference to contrast our own perspectives of reality? Can audiovisual media effectively change our point of view? Can it alter our consciousness? The media revolution that has taken place along the last decades has already proven that the answer to all those questions is: yes.

Learning through vision is a natural exercise, it does not require of much effort. Sight is the sense that mainly guides our daily life, also by means of vision our “imaginarium” (the warehouse of our imagination) is filled up. We use imagination’s mental images to project our ideas, thoughts,… to understand the world that surrounds us. Our “imaginarium” is in fact, the raw material which structures our subjectivity: our desires and our aims. It is “imagination and not reason what guides the human spirit” notes Gaston Bachelard. Imagination (reverie) that we can find in arts and poetry, is a privileged way to access reality knowledge.

As our world is shaping a worldwide community, humans must seek a way to cultivate an integrated form of identity, based on our most deep humanity. Our main reference points are changing, and we must seek ways to re-adapt. That is what Om video capsules seeks to cultivate and recall. ¿Don’t we remember that we are human beings: material and spiritual ones?

Om video capsules proposes us to integrate our spiritual side in our daily life, to integrate Art as a way of knowledge in our daily street life, because art is as a very powerful tool to promote the growth of our human skills.

On show* at:

2007 – Ager Love unlimited (Lleida, ES)

2007 – La Casa de la Bomba (Lleida, ES)

2007 – Entre Vies (Lleida, ES)

2007 – Private party on the roof (Barcelona, ES)

2007/ 2008 – Soma Club (Lleida, ES)

2008 – Cafè del Teatre (Lleida, ES)

2008 – City Arms A+ Party (Lleida, ES)

2008 – House & Flowers festival (Sidamon, Lleida, ES)

2008 – Sant Joan a Mas Oliveres (Maials, Lleida, ES)

2009 – Sac solidari _ Coordinadora ONG’s de Lleida (ES)

2013 – GlogauAIR Open Studios (Berlin, DE)

*Available in diverse exhibition formats.