05 UdL Lleida Workshop Video Creativo elmur FFS

Lights, Camera, Action! From idea to video in less than 4 hours, this was the mission that students from the University of Lleida  had to accomplish within the workshop that ELMUR gave to a group of future audio-visual communication’s professionals.

Focus of the workshop was “creative video and public space” with the aim to reflect on communication practices in public space and facilitate tools and strategies to enhance student’s ability to face and solve all kinds of creative challenges within this field.  A selection of ELMUR.NET  videos was used to conduct the visual image analysis and debate session. During the second ”hands on session”, two video-creatives: Lupe Capell & Sara Boldú, coached students to create an original creative video in a record time. The resulting videos have been on shown at ELMUR Lleida permanent public screen during X-mas and New Year’s time.

Videos link:

Caga Tió

Contagia somriures

Somriu per Nadal