A Soul for Europe

The Berlin Conference  – A Soul for Europe brings together individuals from the cultural sector, politicians and representatives of the media, the business world and other areas of society.  A civil society platform to define and initiate specific, common steps to strengthen the cultural component of European development.

#Making a better Europe by means of culture and artistic action

Among the 2015 topics that where presented and debated last 8th and 9th november 2015 we would like to highlight some key facts to keep in mind for the future to come and above all when considering the design and execution of cultural projects that relate to the european perspective:

  • Cultural projects which are able to break prejudices around the migration issues as well as to promote the value of cultural diversity are needed. Those projects should set up a space were interaction happens, where human relations are build from a position where relations of equality are activated. Where everyone learns from everyone. Projects which are able to reduce fear, break paradigms and build new logics which allow to find new solutions and encourage people to open and keep flexible, those understanding that accepting and celebrating diversity will indeed change the mainstream. Awaken curiosity for “the other”on the local citizens as well as facilitating and structuring  a “sense of belonging” for the “newcomers” are key points to be considered. Our reality is a dynamic one where coexistence is the root and base to build up a positive common future. #Takeaction #GiveVoice #Coexistence #CulturalDiversity
  • Defining new channels of democratic participation as well as “exercising democracy” and finding new ways activate citizen participation are an strategic points in order to further develop democratic societies able to rapidly react to actual challenges (social, economic, enviromental, energetic,etc). Political involvement must go beyond traditional political structures. We need more creativity to improve democracy in Europe. Experimentation by means of cultural and artistic projects can be great laboratory that will help to keep democracy young and fit. Boosting “bottom up” as the new logic by means of promoting and spreading “best practises” and “success stories”.   #CreativeDemocracy #BottomUp #InnovateDemocracy
  • Power to the city. The urban frame as agent for change, networking and experimentation. A transnational motor able to structure strategies which give response to local and specific social needs. Active and committed cities that are able to structure strategies beyond the traditional logics of “center vs periphery”, breaking mental maps and helping to re-new our traditional perspectives towards a de-centralised model where diverse points are connected (building bridges).   #NetworkedCities #ActiveCities #CommitedCities
  • Human values as core reference points to build up a “new #narrative” for Europe (#Storytelling) , which is able to further structure and develop the symbolic dimension of Europe and “being european”,  which is able to envision a common peaceful and harmonious future able to promote ongoing #dialogue by means of #citizens #involvement and #mutual #trust. Where #inclusion and #diversity are considered strategic issues for success.  #ActiveCitizenship  #Storytelling #NarrativesForEU
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