Has a video influenced any of your decisions made today?


About the power of video and a five steps production checklist to hit it like Hollywood.

Yes, we live within a visual culture, which is mainly dominated by the sense of sight. And yes, sometimes sound makes half of the image. A few years ago, when we started www.elmur.net we had it in focus, video has the power to change the world. The power of video is nowadays (and in the future to come) an unavoidable reality. Nothing to be afraid of, but a point to take in account if we are to make any relevant impact in our world.

Video is the new “holy grail” not only of brands and content marketers, but also of communicators, entertainers and educators. Even for fitness or meditation gurus, food culture lovers or shopping fans. Video is as well synonym for insurance and banking commercials as for event coverage or knowledge sharing (to name a few). All of them, embedded in the realms of the digital culture, come to video as a strategic tool for communication and building up relations with wider audiences. Observe for a minute, how many things along your day are being performed thanks or by means of a video? Has a video influenced any of you decisions made today?

Chris Anderson (TED) makes a clear point explaining how online video powers global innovation, we can also value it because of its high retentiveness scores (up to 95%), for its shareable nature or its natural storytelling capabilities. Video is growing and so it does for well-grounded reasons. We might take a future chance to go in deep and talk about them all. By now, aware of the power of video, the next step is to integrate it in our day-to-day practices.Production processes have changed in the last years and doing a video is no longer “as difficult” as it used to be. It is for this reason that we would like to share a tool to make video production an easy and more cost-result effective process for everyone.

It does not matter if you are a big marketing company, a local commerce or a creative freelancer. This one page guide, defined by @Allwyn Gosford Senior Video Art Director at Getty Images*, will just help you out to successfully plan and execute your next online video. Might you take the camera yourself, might you hire a professional to do so, this guide will help you as well to better communicate your objectives and reach the desired results.

Think video, be video, do video!


* Source: http://curve.gettyimages.com/article/webinar-elevate-your-content-marketing-with-video by @Allwyn Gosford, Senior Video Art Director at Getty Images.


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